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A Little of what you Fancy - Colleen's Fancy At The Drop Of A Hat is a solo album of song that I enjoy singing unaccompanied. A collection of songs perfect for singing acapella. You would be excused if you thought that this was an unusual combination, but there is a reason.
  1. I'll tell me ma
  2. Dirty old town
  3. Courting in the kitchen
  4. The ferryman
  5. Rocky road to dublin
  6. Ramples of spring
  7. Forty shades of green
  8. Holy ground - leaving of liverpool
  9. Zoological garden
  10. Mursheen dirkin
  11. Hills of connemara
  12. Irish river
  13. McAlpine's fusiliers
  14. Whiskey in the jar
  15. Fiddlers green
Socoya's Trail - Kevin Young This album was the idea of Wendy Sennett, It is dedicated to The Nathan Walker Memorial Fund which was set up to support both Cot Death Research and The American Bald Eagle Breeding Programme at The Park Rose Owl and Birds of Pray Centre at Carnaby in the East Riding of Yorkshire. You would be excused if you thought that this was an unusual combination, but there is a reason.
  1. Fields of atherry - P. St John
  2. Maggie - Traditional
  3. Thyme - Traditional
  4. Socoya's trail - Kevin Young
  5. Leaving Nancy - E. Bogle
  6. She moves through the fair - Traditional
  7. Long long before your time - J. McEvoy
  8. The old man - P. Coulter
  9. Hello little man - Kevin Young
  10. The band in the park - A. Bell
  11. Will ye go lassie go - Traditional
At the Drop of a Hat - Kevin Young This is a collection of popular Irish songs, most of which we are requested to perform at our gigs. There are so many songs that we could add to this collection so who knows, one day there may be more Bits Of What You Fancy.
  1. Move along
  2. The sun and the moon
  3. Auld triangle
  4. Dowry dens
  5. Doomeama day
  6. Bold fenian men
  7. Farmers toast
  8. Sally's garden
  9. Lovely Joan
  10. She moves through the fair
  11. Three cripples
  12. Put more turf on the fire
  13. Sammy's bar
  14. The call and the answer
I Opened my Eyes and Saw You - Kevin Young This is my second Album recorded in 1991. The tracks range from traditional folk, through contemporary ballads to classic Irish numbers. There are 3 self penned songs, one of which has been adopted by other artistes on the Irish folk circuit.
  1. Eileen Og
  2. The trees they never grow
  3. Forever and ever
  4. Cottage home
  5. You've got a friend
  6. Only our rivers run free
  7. What can i do
  8. Four strong winds
  9. Dowry dens of Yarrow
  10. Today
  11. I do
Long Pull - Barrie Pepper, Kevin Young and Ron Dambrough A micellany of songs and stories about pubs and beers - By Barrie Pepper, Kevin Young and Ron Darnbrough.
  1. Longevity
  2. John Barleycorn
  3. Barleygrain
  4. Meax porter vat
  5. Half pint of ale
  6. Don't stop me half pint of beer
  7. Stunning me
  8. Boozing bloody well boozing
  9. Landlord fill the flowing bowl
  10. Three men in a boat
  11. The man who waters the workers beer
  12. All among the barley
  13. Closing time
  14. Opening times
  15. All for me grog
  16. Good ale
  17. The pubs in Dublin
  18. Here's to the boozing
  19. Don't stop me half pint of beer
  20. Stunning ale
  21. Boozing bloody well boozing
  22. Mountain Dew
  23. A pint of plain is your only man
  24. Old dun cow
  25. Barley mow
  26. 50 Synonyms of drunkenness
  27. They don't write them like that anymore
  28. Brown ale and arrows
  29. The landlord at the peraly gates
Pick of the Bric'B'Brac - Kevin Young It was way back in 1984 when I started working on this, my first album and the change around in backing musicians over the following four years is reflected in the various styles of accompaniment to the songs. I must admit there were times when I did think that it would not be completed at all, but with a bit of wheeling and dealing and hours of valuable time given by the musicians to whom I say a special “Thank you”; surprise, surprise, here we have “Pick of the Bric’a’Brac".
  1. John Barleycorn
  2. Jockey to the fair
  3. Hello little one
  4. Fine old yorkshire gentleman
  5. Son come tell it unto me
  6. Our day
  7. Matty Groves
  8. Dear old donegal
  9. Frost is all over
  10. Donnybrook fair
  11. Four little girls
  12. Chinese breakdown
  13. Green brooms
  14. Things that i feel
  15. Lanigans ball
Millstone Grit - Millstone Grit Occasionally covered with coal measures or limestone, millstone grit is a rock which occurs throughout the whole of the Yorkshire Ridings from the Industrial South to the Dales of the North. Millstone Grit was an appropriate name for a group who gained a considerable following in the Yorkshire area. Their many enquiries about a record prompted this disc. The tracks chosen are a mixture of lively folk, pop and traditional songs, and represent a selection from those most often requested. Many of the songs became familiar to a diverse audience over the years and never diminished in their popularity.
  1. Whiskey in the jar
  2. Dirty old town
  3. Caribbean medley
  4. Grandma's feather bed
  5. The rising of the moon
  6. Bread and fishes
  7. Yorkshire U.D.I.
  8. Nancy whiskey
  9. April
  10. Courting in the kitchen
  11. Settle to Carlisle railway
  12. Lowlands
  13. Roddy McCorley
  14. Black velvet band
  15. Will ye go lassie go